花王の泡 開発技術 × 藝大 プロジェクト

 - 花王 sofina クッション泡洗顔料






The Garden / 花王の泡 開発技術 / Art Work / 2015


There are several attractive points of a bubble: it is pure white and clean, it spreads out infinitely, and sooner or later it disappears.

When I think of the potential attractiveness of bubbles, I find a possible link with the spirit of pure white which always exists in the hearts of Japan.


When I recompose a dry landscape garden, or karesansui in Japanese, using sand, stone, and moss, into a “bubble dry landscape garden”that is pure white and fluid,

with bubbles that soon disappear, another aspect of the Japanese heart is revealed.

Where nothing exists, a white form appears from the sea of bubbles, and it will disappear as time passes. We could say it is eternal time that repeats presence and absence.

Also, it may be one of experimental challenges to create a new “landscape.”


The Garden / 2015

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