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Salone del Mobile. Milano / Salone Satellite 2023

Gracefully enwrapped light.

This lighting piece is made with organic sponge cucumber. The comforting and delicate feeling of the sponge cucumber creates a special moment in our daily life. In the past, Japanese people used sponge cucumbers as natural scrubbing brushes. As synthetic sponge made with polyurethane prevailed, loofah farming diminished year by year.


Creating an interior item using loofah gives people a chance to reevaluate the value of crops and also a fundamental connection between human and nature. The sheet of loofah evokes an elegance, similar to that of tanned leather. Placing the light source at the bottom of the cylindrical brass base allows the light to be projected gently. The loofah sheet enwraps the light and the lighting angle can be adjusted by tilting it to either side. Keeping the material processing to a minimum enables us to appreciate the purity of the authentic, natural loofah.


The loofahs are harvested in Toyama prefecture. They have been cultivated with care for more than 40 years. Toyama is known for having an abundance of water and the loofahs are pesticide-free and unbleached. LOOF captures the mood of the enveloping Japanese landscape, where time passes peacefully. The delicate ambiance and primitive shapes create an elegant atmosphere suitable for bed-sides, living rooms. LOOF will bring comfort and warmth to your daily life in the relaxing space it creates.

Size : w230mm x h150mm x d65mm

Material : Loofah (Hechima Sangyo Ltd.), Brass, LED


Photo by Ryohei Maehara

LOOF / 2023

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